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STARITE ENVIROMAX 800 POOL PUMP ENERGY SAVING 8 Star Energy Rating, Variable Speed

Energy Efficient Pool Pump

General Information

- The Onga ENVIROMAX 800 Pool Pump is an evironmentally friendly, energy saving pump which is ideal for both new and existing pools

- Uses significantly less power compared to conventional pool pumps

- 8 Star energy rating

- Three programmable Speed settings (Variable Speed), allowing you to effortlessly select the most efficient setting to meet your filtration, cleaning and water feature needs

- High-Tech Axial flux permanent magnet motor

- Reduce electricity costs by up to $1000 a year

- Lower carbon emissions

- Super quiet operation as a result of the specially designed sound-dampening pump casing

- The Clamp and Ramp lid is easy to remove and locks in place with a quarter turn, making inspection and cleaning a breeze

- High capacity trap holds a large amount of debris, so you clean less often

- Quick-disconnect plumbing unions

- Fault protected motor prevents damage by automatically shutting down the motor in the event of a locked rotor, under voltage, over voltage or over current condition and will automatically reduce the speed during an over temperature condition

- Constructed of durable thermoplastic, composite resin so you can be sure it will stand up to the harshest conditions

- Precision-fit internal components and superior hydraulic design deliver effortless performance, energy savings and extended pump life

- A heavy-duty construction and a motor rated for continuous operation make the ECO800 a tough, long-lasting performer

- 3 year warranty

Technical Information
Pump Data        
- RPM - Low: 1450, Medium: 2400, High: 2800
- Motor Input Power [P1] [Max] - Low: 60w,
  Medium: 595w, High:940w
- Motor Output Power [P2] [Max] - Low: 130w,
Medium: 475w, High: 750w
- Current [Max] - Low: 1.3A, Medium: 4.4A, High: 6.5A
- Sound Power Level [Lwa] - Low: 57.5dB, Medium: 65.2dB, High: 69.3dB
- Maximum Rating - 2850rpm, P1 975w, P2 800w, 6.7A
- Voltage - 230-240VAC 50Hz Single Phase
- Motor Type - 800w BLDC TEFC
- Ingress Protection - IPX5
- Inlet Connection - ABS Barrel Union to suit 50mm PVC Pressure Pipe
- Outlet Connection - ABS Barrel Union to suit 50mm PVC Pressure Pipe
- Maximum Water Temperature - 40°C
- Maximum Ambient Temperature - 55°C

Material Specifications

- Pump Casing - Polypropylene 40% Glass Filled
- Impeller - Polyphenylene Ether
- Diffuser - Polypropylene 40% Glass Filled
- Basket - Polystyrene
- Lid - Polycarbonate
- Clamp Ring - Polypropylene 20% Glass Filled
- Casing O-ring - Nitrile
- Base - Polypropylene
- Diffuser O-ring - Nitrile
- Lid O-ring - Nitrile
- Barrel Unions - PVC
- Barrel Unions O-ring - Nitrile
- Mechanical Seal - 3/4" Type 6 Carbon - Ceramic S/S  Nitrile                 
- Motor - Aluminium Alloy
- Supply Cord - H07RNF 3G 1mm, 2m
- Bearings - 6302, 6303

Pump Performance


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Hi I tried to call but no answer Please advise the best price thanks. Regards Shane

hi shane we have stock $990.00

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