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STARITE ENVIROMAX 800 POOL PUMP ENERGY SAVING 8 Star Energy Rating, Variable Speed

Energy Efficient Pool Pump

General Information

- The Onga ENVIROMAX 800 Pool Pump is an evironmentally friendly, energy saving pump which is ideal for both new and existing pools

- Uses significantly less power compared to conventional pool pumps

- 8 Star energy rating

- Three programmable Speed settings (Variable Speed), allowing you to effortlessly select the most efficient setting to meet your filtration, cleaning and water feature needs

- High-Tech Axial flux permanent magnet motor

- Reduce electricity costs by up to $1000 a year

- Lower carbon emissions

- Super quiet operation as a result of the specially designed sound-dampening pump casing

- The Clamp and Ramp lid is easy to remove and locks in place with a quarter turn, making inspection and cleaning a breeze

- High capacity trap holds a large amount of debris, so you clean less often

- Quick-disconnect plumbing unions

- Fault protected motor prevents damage by automatically shutting down the motor in the event of a locked rotor, under voltage, over voltage or over current condition and will automatically reduce the speed during an over temperature condition

- Constructed of durable thermoplastic, composite resin so you can be sure it will stand up to the harshest conditions

- Precision-fit internal components and superior hydraulic design deliver effortless performance, energy savings and extended pump life

- A heavy-duty construction and a motor rated for continuous operation make the ECO800 a tough, long-lasting performer

- 3 year warranty

Technical Information
Pump Data        
- RPM - Low: 1450, Medium: 2400, High: 2800
- Motor Input Power [P1] [Max] - Low: 60w,
  Medium: 595w, High:940w
- Motor Output Power [P2] [Max] - Low: 130w,
Medium: 475w, High: 750w
- Current [Max] - Low: 1.3A, Medium: 4.4A, High: 6.5A
- Sound Power Level [Lwa] - Low: 57.5dB, Medium: 65.2dB, High: 69.3dB
- Maximum Rating - 2850rpm, P1 975w, P2 800w, 6.7A
- Voltage - 230-240VAC 50Hz Single Phase
- Motor Type - 800w BLDC TEFC
- Ingress Protection - IPX5
- Inlet Connection - ABS Barrel Union to suit 50mm PVC Pressure Pipe
- Outlet Connection - ABS Barrel Union to suit 50mm PVC Pressure Pipe
- Maximum Water Temperature - 40°C
- Maximum Ambient Temperature - 55°C

Material Specifications

- Pump Casing - Polypropylene 40% Glass Filled
- Impeller - Polyphenylene Ether
- Diffuser - Polypropylene 40% Glass Filled
- Basket - Polystyrene
- Lid - Polycarbonate
- Clamp Ring - Polypropylene 20% Glass Filled
- Casing O-ring - Nitrile
- Base - Polypropylene
- Diffuser O-ring - Nitrile
- Lid O-ring - Nitrile
- Barrel Unions - PVC
- Barrel Unions O-ring - Nitrile
- Mechanical Seal - 3/4" Type 6 Carbon - Ceramic S/S  Nitrile                 
- Motor - Aluminium Alloy
- Supply Cord - H07RNF 3G 1mm, 2m
- Bearings - 6302, 6303

Pump Performance


Currently there are no reviews for this product.

Please quote on replacement motor for Onga Eco 800. Do you have any in stock? thanks. Lindsay

yes ex stock $990

Hi I tried to call but no answer Please advise the best price thanks. Regards Shane

hi shane we have stock $990.00

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