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What information does WA Rewind require to replace an electric motor?

Try to provide as much information as you can and we will do the rest. Don't worry if you can only answer a few questions as any information you can provide will help you get the perfect motor.

- Type/model/catalogue number (normally tells all)

- Kw/hp (0.75kw=1hp)

- Speed (rpm/poles/multi) (2pole=2850rpm 4pole=1450rpm 6pole= 950rpm)

- Frame size (b56, d100l, d90l)

- Phase (1/3ph)

- Voltage

- Mounting (foot/flange/radial/resilent)

- Connection (star/delta/capacitor run/start)

- Capacitor value (whites caps are run, black caps are start)

- Mounting position (up/down/horizontal)

- Direction (looking at drive end/lead end)

- Shaft (size/length/double/key)

- Leads (length/colour/termination)

- Terminal box (rhs looking at shaft)

- Duty (continuous/intermittent)

- Application (pump/fan/compressor)

- Protection (overload/thermisters)

(Don't megger thermisters)

Star/Delta Wiring Diagram

Typical Cap Run Wiring


Why should I choose W.A.Rewind.Co. as a preferred repairer?

1. Years of experience

2. Excellent customer service

3. Option of getting the repairs done urgently

4. Technical expertise

5. Experienced repairers

6. Option of buying a replacement motor when it is not economical to repair the old motor

7. Trusted and preferred repairer for many companies

8. Report facility avaliable for insurance purposes

9. Reasonable pricing

10. Dealer of various branded motors and pumps

Does W.A. Rewind Co. repair pumps too?

Yes, we repair most types of pumps and we also offer our customers with an option of buying a new pump in a situation where an old pump is not economical to repair.

Do you keep ONGA pumps? What additional benefits will I be getting if I buy ONGA pumps from W.A. Rewind?

Yes, absolutely. We are ONGA pumps dealer.  Since W.A. Rewind is a local dealer you have the option of coming into our shop and selecting a pump that best suit your needs. Onga pumps come with a warranty. So if in a situation where the pump is not working properly or has broken down, W.A. Rewind, as an onga dealer and as authorised onga pump repairers, can repair the pump for you. If the fault is covered under warranty issued by onga with the pump usually there are no repair charges. Also we can provide with a new pump if needed.

Can I have the pump installed by W.A. Rewind technician?

Yes, absolutely. We can send the technician out to your place and have pump installed for a nominal service call out fee.

Can you please send out a W.A Rewind technician to check a motor?

Yes, absolutely. We can send out a technician for repairs to a site. The technician will repair motor on site if he believes that the motor can be repaired onsite. If it is not possible for the motor to be repaired on site, we can have the motor repaired in our workshop.

How can I contact you?

We have our contact details on our 'contact us' page. We are located at the corner of Hutton and Collingwood Street.

Can I ask you technical question about a motor?

You sure can. We will try and resolve your query regarding the motor in every possible way we can.

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