SUMPDUMP VAVLE KIT SUMP DUMP BONAIRE BREEZAIR Sump Dump Valve Kit 1 6001331 - WA Rewind Dump Valve Kit, 24v Solenoid
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Sump Dump Valve Kit 1 6001331
Complete Retro Dump Valve Unit
Comes complete with

- 24v solenoid

- 240v to 24v encapsulated transformer with 2m leads

- 300mm SWC PVC drain adapter with O-ring

- 6ml water supply from solenoid to dump valve & fittings

General Information

With the Sump Dump drainage system, evaporative coolers can now be operated with a hydraulically operated valve ensuring reliable closing and draining in one movement

As an active part of the cooler, incorporating only one solenoid for both water isolation and drainage, the Sump Dump™ System ensures the following

- The unit is completely dry and clean when not in use

- The pads remain clean and odour free

- No residual water means no corrosion

- The absence of stagnant water means no algal build-up


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