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       Need a pool pump installed or repaired?
       Here at WA Rewind we not only sell pool pumps but also have an on-site workshop here in Perth with facilities dedicated to their
       repair. We charge a $66.00 inspection fee upfront and this cost comes out of the total cost of repairs or a new pool pump should
       you proceed either way.
       We also offer call-out services to repair or install pool pumps at specified premises within the Perth metro area. Have a pool
       pump thats not of a brand listed below? No worries we can also repair and install them as well.

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       Onga Pool Pumps. Our flagship brand and Australia’s leading name in pool pumping equipment; Onga have been providing
       high quality water movement products for over 40 years. We are authorized Onga dealers and warranty agents, meaning that
       we not only offer expert advice on the best Onga pool pump for you, we also carry out warranty repairs on their pool pumps
       right here in our Perth workshop.
       Our range includes the Onga Leisuretime Series, Pantera Series, Silentflo Series and Superflo Series as well as the
       Onga ECO 800 and Pantera EVO pool pumps.

       In addition to this range we also offer pool pumps from a vast number of other brands, giving us the largest offering in Perth.


   Poolrite Pool Pumps. Having been in the pool market for over 3 decades, Poolrite
   have earned themselves a reputation as one of the best pool pump brands around.

   Over the years Poolrite have successfully introduced new products to their lineup
   including the SQI Quietline Series pumps. Poolrite remain passionate about their
   commitment to the Pool industry, their product range, quality and valued customers.
   Our range includes the Poolrite Enduro Series, Quietline Series as well as the
   SQ Gemini Twin Speed Pool Pump

   Davey Pool Pumps. Another of the worlds leading brands in pool equipment, Daveys
   focus on quality and innovative designs are unrivalled by their competitors.

   As a key piece of equipment for your pool, reliability and the right selection of pump
   are key to ensure your pool is adequately filtered and sanitized and for that
   Davey has you covered.
   Our range includes the Davey PowerMaster Series, Silensor Series, Whisper Series,
   Sureflo Series and Typhoon Series as well as the PowerMaster ECO and ProMaster
   VSD pool pumps

   Waterco Pool Pumps. Delivering pool equipment to over 40 countries, Waterco has an
   extensive range of pumps to suit your pool.

   Incorporating the latest technology for optimal performance and energy savings,
   Waterco’s pumps are reliable and built to the highest of standards.
   Our range includes the Waterco Hydrotuf Series, Hyrdrostorm Series, Supastream
   Series, Aquastream Series and Supatuf Series as well as the Waterco
   Hydrostorm ECO 100 and Supatuf ECO 100 pool pumps

   Aquatight Pool Pumps. Designed for long life operation; Aquatight pool pumps are
   made to withstand harsh Australian conditions and deliver consistent high
   Our range includes the Aquatight Saturn Series, Pinnacle Series as well as the
   Pinnacle ECO and MS300 Pool Pumps.


   Speck Pool Pumps. Speck Pumps have been manufacturing and designing pool
   pumps for over 100 years and continues to be a name associated with innovation
   and technology.
   A Speck pool pump allows you to keep water flowing year after year without any fuss.
   Our range includes the Speck Super 43 Series as wel

   Astralpool Pool Pumps. Designed and manufactured with quality components,
   Astralpool’s range of pool pumps are designed to comfortably meet the needs and
   pressures required by your pool equipment.
   Astralpool are a market leader in the design, development and manufacture
   of energy efficient pool pumps.
   Our range includes the Astralpool BX Series, CTX Series, E-Series, Maxim Series
   as well as the Viron P320 eVo and P600 eVo Pumps

   Spare Parts. We offer a full range of spare parts for the pool pumps we supply. If you
   know what you’re after just give us a call and we can track down the part you need.

   Otherwise bring your pool pump to our store and we can take a look at it for you.

        Having trouble finding a pool pump that's right for you? Head on over to our pool pump help page for assistance on choosing
        the best product to suit your needs or just give us a call and you can discuss your options with one of our staff.

        If you're looking for a pool pump that you can't find on our website simply contact us and we'll see if we can supply you with it.
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