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Kreepy Krauly VTX-7
Automatic Pool Cleaner

Auto Skim Upgrade


- Triple cleaning action which thoroughly cleans your pool top, bottom and sides

 VTX-7 creates a powerful vortex vacuum that sucks up all debris in its path to achieve a complete clean.

The Scrubbing Silicon Seal gently loosens calcium and algae build up so it can be vacuumed up.

The Smart-Skim regulates the amount of suction needed and uses the excess vortex vacuum to pull floating debris into the skimmer box, for a top to bottom clean.

- Oversized Leaf Scoop allows large leaves to be captured and removed

- Ultra Flex Hose and Adjustable Steering System create a Crisscross Cleaning Pattern to allow the VTX-7 to vacuum up all debris and scrub away algae and calcium build up as it goes for a complete pool clean

- Best for pools with curved walls and no sharp angles

- Includes 12m hose and mini skim

- Suitable for all pool material types

- Covered by a massive 10-year Flow Drive warranty and a 2-year Full System warranty

How it moves

Your Kreepy Krauly VTX 7 will move backwards in direction, with the water flowing through the base of the cleaner and alternately diverted between the two drive tubes.

The kinetic energy generated by the water being trapped in each drive tube provides the lifting and propelling motion of the cleaner, which may result in a faintly audible ‘ticking’ sound.

How it steers

Your cleaner steers utilising its dive float assembly to create a Unique Crisscross Pattern.

This allows your cleaner to climb up the walls and efficiently cross the pool floor. In combination with the Ultra Flex hose, that ensures your cleaner is not restricted or directed by the hose.

How it cleans

Your VTX 7 will clean your pool daily with your normal filter cycle by gently Skimming, Scrubbing and Vortex Vacuuming your pool surface.

Its oversized scoop in combination with Smart Skim, will ensure leaves and debris on the floor and at water level are efficiently removed direct to your skimmer basket and filter.

Don’t be shocked if at first you see a white cloud appear around your cleaner, this is calcium build up being gently removed from your pool surface.

The Ultra Flex Hose

The unique Ultra Flex hose rests just below the water surface, due to its buoyancy and hose weights.

The ultra flex design means when the cleaner crosses paths with the hose section closest to the cleaner, it is able to move freely.

This gives your cleaner the freedom and mobility to cover every inch of your pool. 

Ultra Flex Hose
Ultra flexible and durable to allow the Kreepy Krauly unrestricted movement around your pool. Hard wearing hose connectors are built to last, with no parts that can snap or break.

Patented High Efficiency Swivel Head
The unique head movement delivers unmatchable flexibility and freedom to the cleaner, resulting in better suction and an unbeatable clean. The non-jamming design is impervious to sand and grit.

Scrubbing Silicon Seal
Gently scrubs calcium and algae build up. Made from high performance chemical and UV resistant silicon for a superlong life.

Oversized Leaf Scoop
Allows for the pickup of large leaves and debris that other leaners just push around.

There’s no need to adjust the suction, VTX-7 automatically does it for you. Excess vacuum is harnessed to power the Smart-Skim action.


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