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Fairford HFE-1
Single Phase Motor Soft Starter, Energy Saving, Suitable for 1.1kw
General Information

- The Fairford Electronics HFE-1 Digital Soft Starter is the ideal ‘retrofit’ energy optimising solution
  for Soft Starting single phase compressors such as those used in Supermarket refrigerators and chillers etc.

- Can yield between 10-32% energy savings

- Has a rugged tin lid construction

- Can be mounted easily next to the machine or control panel

- Installation of the unit is quick and simple due to the ‘two wires in, two wires out’ design

- The unit is ‘fit and forget’ as there is no maintenance for the user

- The HFE provides mechanical and electrical stress reduction or elimination and optimised energy consumption
  when a chiller/refrigerator compressor is not under load. The starting current is reduced, and smooth acceleration
  is applied to the load

- Ideal Applications include
           - Refigeration Systems
           - Chillers
           - Conveyors
           - Heat Pumps
           - Coolers
           - Oven Fans
           - Air Conditioners

Features and Benefits

- Energy Optimising - Reduces energy consumption when the chiller/compressor is not at full load by 10 – 18%. 
  This reduces energy costs (and related cost) and reduces carbon emissions (at the supply generation)

- Torque Reduction - Mechanical and electrical stress reduction or elimination means compressors
  last longer and require less maintenance

- Ideal for Retrofit, Simple Installation - Quick and simple implementation means low cost install in
  existing equipment and rapid return on investment through energy and maintenance cost reduction

- "Fit and Forget" - No maintenance time or associated cost

In Application

- Designed to control single phase AC motors

- Operation is fully automatic, a low starting voltage is applied to the motor as soon as the supply is switched on

- The internal automatic ramp control immediately takes over and raises the voltage progressively,
  causing the motor to accelerate smoothly

- At the end of the ramp period, the motor is operated in Energy Saving mode and the HFE continuously regulates
the voltage to match mechanical load

- Energy consumption at light loads is reduced, motor winding and case temperatures are lowered, motor
  life is extended, noise levels are reduced and power factor is improved

- Two LED’s on the front of the unit indicate when the POWER supply is connected and when the unit

- As energy consumption is reduced the ENERGY SAVING LED flashes at a slower rate

- The HFE remains in circuit until the supply is disconnected

- The HFE automatically resets and is ready for the next start

Technical Information

- Terminations - Cage clamp terminals suitable for
  0.75mm² (18 awg) to 2.5mm² (12 awg) solid or stranded
- Ambient Temperature - 0°C to 40°C without derating
- Current - Up to 30A
- Operational Voltage - 110–230 VAC Single Phase (-15% +10%)
- Rated Frequency - 50-60 Hz +/- 2Hz
- Ingress Protection - IP30 with standard cover
- Start Time - Approx 0.5 to 5 Seconds continuously variable
- Pedestal Voltage - Fixed at approx 15%
- Recommended cut-out device - 10A rated MCB, Trip Characteristic "C"
- Rated Insulation Voltage - Ui: 250v
- Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage - Uimp: 4kv (1.2/50µs)
- Short Circuit Co-ordination - Type 1 , Iq: 5kA when protected by recommended Fuse
- Fuse Type - See rating table
- Design standards - IEC 60947–4–2 - “AC Semiconductor Motor Controllers and Starters”

Mechanical Details


- The module must be fixed to a vertical surface

- To ensure free air movement a minimum clearance of 40mm must be maintained above and below the unit

Wiring Details

- The soft starter is normally inserted into the circuit between the motor and whatever switchgear
  is normally used for isolation or switching

- The unit can also be fitted before switchgear so that it can be installed in the supply to equipment
  which has it’s own mechanical control

- This feature allows for easy installation on equipment such as refrigeration where the need to disturb
  internal wiring is avoided

- The terminations are made with industry standard cage clamp screw terminals directly onto the circuit board on all units.

- The incoming power supply is connected to the terminals marked ‘L’ and ‘N’

- For EMC compliance it is important that the line circuit is connected to L and the neutral circuit to N.

- Outgoing connections from the HFE are taken from the terminals marked ‘LM’ and ‘NM’ to the motor or
load input terminals (see diagram)

- Ensure that a good connection is made to the earth terminals provided.

- Fuses or other types of short-circuit protection are required for protection against a cable or motor terminal box fault

- These must be fitted externally and on the supply side of the unit.

- See “Specifications” section for recommended fuse type and cut-out device


- Set the ramp time potentiometer to midway to approx 2 seconds and start the system

- If the motor turns instantly when the soft starter is energised and accelerates satisfactorily then no
further adjustment is required

- If the rate of acceleration is too great stop the unit and turn the ramp time potentiometer clockwise then restart

- Adjust anti–clockwise for a shorter ramp time setting to increase the rate of acceleration

- The motor should turn instantly when the soft starter is energised

- If not, rearrange the connection of the starting capacitor as shown in fig 1

- For running currents up to and including 10 Amps the unit is rated for continuous duty

- Start currents must never exceed 60A

Rating Table

*13A fused plug may be used but not for more than load amps 5A at duties as indicated in Rating Table

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